Hi there! Here’s the most important stuff about me:

I’m a writer. I write novels. I write blogs. I write recipes. I write long-winded rants that I never post. I write stories about my kids that I’m forbidden to post. Very occasionally, I write really bad poetry. I’ve written a memoir about my challenging horse True who stole my heart and then dumped me on my butt. I wrote a whole book on how you can be healthier and happier (with directions and everything!). If you want to know more about my published writing, click here.

I’m a mom. I have one kid in college (so technically, he’s not really a kid), one about to graduate high school (oh my!), and one who just started high school. So this means that I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I’m sure my brain will return in about five or six years.

I’m also a dog foster mom. So far, we’ve saved 76 dogs from the euthanasia list at high kill shelters in the south. I write a blog all about these adventures. Click here to check it out.

I don’t have time for much else, but if I did, I’d take up yoga, have a weed-free garden, run a few more trail races, and read a lot more books. To see what I’ve read, am reading, and want to read, check me out on goodreads.

I love gathering friends on facebook, twitter, and instagram. Let’s connect!

And if you really want to chat, feel free to email me: carasueachterberg@gmail.com

One last thing, I go by Cara, not Cara Sue, unless you’re related to me, then you can call me anything you want. I just use that fancy long name as my by-line because it makes me sound more important.